About us

Teo Scarpellini

Founder of “The Mbassy”.

Good, handsome and everything… but you can’t talk to him for more than 5 minutes that he’ll turn your conversation into a neuroscience dissertation, unless he’s laughing alone at a silly joke.

Those who know him by sight describe him as nice, those who know him well describe him as HEAVY.

He teaches English to thousands of Instagram users, dedicating loving care to them… but – in return – they thanked him by pointing out that he is the human version of a quokka: he has been identified as such since then.

Obsessed with the learning science and with making learning easy and usable for everyone, he thinks his greatest inventions were the Active Learning, the Nuclear Classes and the Speck Fan.

Marianne Seminati

Let’s make it clear once and for all: it’s pronounced /Mariàn/, not /Marianna/ or /Marianne/… everyone says it wrong!

Professional interpreter and translator, extremely thorough and accurate. She might appear so devoted to the academic life, but give her a surfboard and she’ll humiliate you badly!

She officially became business partner of “The Mbassy Academy” and she’s the reason why the Academy is proliferating.

Once, she saw Teo’s financial management and coined such a powerful insult that it was included in the Necronomicon.

Competitive and compassionate, when she touches your shoulder gently you never know if she did it to cheer you up or to stick a “kick me” note on you.

Alessandra Moratti

A prodigy girl with a diploma in foreign languages, she was spotted by the Academy at a very early age and was genetically modified to become a model teacher.

All experiments have been successful, except for a few side effects that have made her an expert in passive-aggressive barbs and made her develop a strange passion for K-pop.

Everybody loves her, but nobody knows if she reciprocates…. just like cats.

Her knowledge of pop-culture is unique.

Always up to date with current events, she is the perfect teacher to talk about what’s new in the world.

Francesca Battista

From follower to teacher… She starts following the page by participating in group activities and soon stands out for her excellent English and innate aptitude for teaching: she is immediately hired by the Academy and trained in the science of learning.

Moreover, she has the super power of adorableness: with her calm and gentle ways, she could perform a German Supplex on you and you would even thank her.

On top of that, she’s an outstanding pianist, she loves reading and she comes from the Neverland: Molise!

She’s a fairy-tale creature, indeed.

Rebecca Maffioli

She is the teacher in charge of our classes for children and kids, The Unearthly Lesson.

The legend has it that one day someone saw her a bit down… maybe… or maybe it’s just a rumor.

It seems that – when she was a child – she fell into the cauldron where rainbows are cooked and hasn’t stopped smiling ever since.

We tried to measure her patience, but the machine broke down before it could finish calculating it…. days and days had passed!