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Premium service: individual and customised lessons

Our classes to teach English to children and young people

Our ad-hoc proposal for businesses

Translations of written texts in various fields

Professional and qualified interpreting service

Our Nuclear Classes allow you to interact with other people right from the beginning!

They are not traditional lessons, but workshops in micro-groups of 4 people, 5 at the maximum, where you can learn the basics or talk in the presence of one of our qualified teachers, who provides constant feedback, knows the level of their students and knows exactly what they are studying and need to improve.

The advantage of doing lessons in small groups is that on one hand you are closely monitored by your teacher, and on the other hand you are forced to overcome your fear of speaking in public and putting yourself on the line in front of others, a fear that inhibits many people.

We decided to adopt this approach from day 1 and, in general, those who start with one-to-one classes end up preferring Nuclear Classes.

By enrolling, you will have access to our proprietary platform, which is constantly updated, with exercises designed by us to facilitate learning and allow you to exercise whenever you want, wherever you are.

Through our calendar, you will also be able to book your lessons in a flexible way: although these are not individual courses, each student follows his or her own personal path, at his or her own pace.

In case you have special needs (e.g. preparing for an international certification, improving your writing skills, preparing for job interviews or specific exams), this is the solution for you: one-to-one lessons, aimed at achieving your goals, with one of our teachers.

Our out-of-the-ordinary lessons to teach English to children and young people.

We all know how important this language is for our children’s future, but – unfortunately – they don’t always achieve the desired results at school…

Thanks to a game developed and produced by us and to fun and stimulating activities, our young learners will find learning English a piece of cake and will start speaking in no time, without even realising it.

Our proposal for companies includes General English or Business English courses that can be customised according to the customers’ needs. Together, we will define the level, number of participants and objectives of the course in order to develop a tailor-made programme.

Interlinguistic communication is essential for companies, and a translation service is an essential investment. We employ professional and highly qualified translators to guarantee an optimal result.

We carry out professional translations in a wide range of sectors: institutional, medical-scientific, wine, contracts, websites, engineering, legal, economic-financial, commercial, tourism, etc.

When it comes to business negotiations, company meetings, business travels, international phone calls, B2B or B2C business meetings, trade fairs, events or international video conferences, improvisation can lead to missing important business deals and opportunities, as well as credibility and company image.

If you do not master the language, it is best to rely on a professional who will ensure a correct and effective communication.

We offer various interpreting services, depending on the event.