Why us?

First of all, because we are nice and handsome... and secondly, because we teach English “according to science”.

What does it mean?
That we pay the utmost attention to teaching methods, which we have developed over the years according to learning science. Not only do our teachers have an excellent knowledge of the English language, they are also specifically trained in it and will be able to show you what to do so that your efforts will be effective.

Because we pay a lot of attention to the speaking skill, as it is the most essential and complex part to develop, we try to get you used to speak from lesson 1.

There are two main players in the development of the speaking skill: the prefrontal cortex (it takes decisions, elaborates, is very intelligent but…. slower than your grandmother) and the cerebellum, specialised in storing information related to automatic movements, i.e. muscle memory.

Think about when you started driving: at the beginning everything was very complicated, then the cerebellum acquired the procedures, starting the protocols automatically.

So is it enough if I just practise on my own? Practice makes perfect… right?

No, perfect practice makes perfect.

I can also automate crap, if I don’t know it’s crap.

We provide you with constant feedback: both during our Nuclear Classes, with qualified teachers, and at home, thanks to our proprietary platform.

With the right techniques and modular mini-topics, studying will only take a few minutes a day.

At the end of our lessons, you won’t have any notes to interpret, instead you will already know how to use particular rules and expressions, you just have to maintain them… and our teachers will tell you how, because the brain – unfortunately – forgets. Don’t take it for granted that you’ll always remember what you have understood!

We put our proprietary platform at your disposal

In this way, you can also train at home with exercises specifically developed by us, aimed at making the exercise short but guided and constant, so as to ensure its effectiveness.

Our lessons take place in a relaxed and convivial environment

We take this aspect to heart, as we want our courses to be an enjoyable and social occasion for students, as well as (clearly) a chance to learn and grow in terms of language.

Without hardly noticing it, you will be able to express increasingly complex and syntactically and lexically rich contents.

High flexibility in lesson scheduling

You can book your lessons on a time-by-time basis through the activities calendar, so you can arrange them according to your personal schedule.

Possibility of joining the Mbassadors Club

It’s our dynamic and lively online community, made up of people from all over the world who share a passion for the English language. It’s a great way to put yourself to the test and keep practising after the English course.